hockey shoulder pads

thanks dirtdad

Moto-400, also check out a pair of small or kids football shoulder pads! You can have someone hit you with a baseball bat and not feel a thing. I wore them when i screwed-up my collar bone. I mounted the front and rear of an old thor mach 5 to the shoulder pads. I could(did) run into the back of a truck and not feel a thing!

.....speaking of which, I just got mine today, got the same one's as dirtdad. I got a Sr. Medium, and at first it seemed like they were going to be a bit small, but actually I think these will work. Not too bulky, very good feel in riding position as far as I can tell. Will need to field test this weekend and see.

Plus you feel praticaly invincible with them on :) ........

We'll see......

Dodger :D:D

A couple of days ago a web site was posted on TT for hockey equipment. If anyone remembers what that site was please let me know. Thanks

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