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250 Ozark piston shattered 2006 Suzuki

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Purchased a broken used 2006 Suzuki ozark 250 for $450 took the jug off to check out the piston and there is the problem the skirt is literally broken to pieces on the intake and exhaust side. Things to know is it had a disintegrated air filter and plus most the damage to the piston and cylinder wall is on the intake side. Ill put some pics. I got a bore scope and looked down in the engine and little pieces of piston skirt down in the oil pan (circled in red) plus I saw there are some minor scratches on the round thing the piston arm connects to idk what it's called it's my first legitimate attempt at repairing an engine so advice on what may have caused the problem and what to do about the pieces of piston in the bottom part of the engine many thanks hope that wasn't too many words.


I put a blue arrow and I'm wondering what that is if anyone knows 20200114_002628.jpeg20200114_002640.jpeg20200114_003059.jpeg

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