650L Handguards? Have you tried these?

I have them on my XRL now. I also have the Acerbis whale tank installed. There was not enough turning clearance without the signals being moved. You will have to "carve" one of the ribs on the inside of the right guard to clear the MC banjo fitting. Not much but have a knife ready. The left one may need to be touched up where the clutch cable goes over it on the upper edge. Go to AutoZone and get an electronic signal flasher (2 prong) for $6.00. The stock one needs more resistance than the two small bulbs in your new guards. The electronic one works great! I took a piece of bicycle tube and wrapped it around the new round flasher (the old is square), then took a piece of metal and bent a 2" long piece (maybe 1" wide) in half. Put one side of the "U" inside the tube next to the flasher. Put the other leg of the "U" into the stock rubber mount slot. Now it is rubber mounted just like stock. You will find the wiring connections up inside a large vinyl tube cover behind the headlight fariing. Green is ground on Japanese. You can figure the other two power color wires out. Once it is all done, you need to cut the pinch bolts down so they fit flush on the back side where the come out or they WILL dig into your tank!! Now with all this done, and your tank mounted, say your prayers and it will just turn enough to use the fork lock. Come over to the XRL Users on Yahoo. I did a longer write up in the Archives when I mounted mine up a few months ago. Ride safe!

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