I am just happy w/my 2002 426

Dont let the 2003 make you think your 426 is not powerful enough. I am perfectly happy w/mine.

I'm with ya, my old clapped-out 400 is still the king among the people i ride with (or against). They ride 02's,01's orange,green,red,blue all the colors. I've told my buddies that just have to have the latest and greatest that when or if they ever pass me, i'll give in a buy new one.

I agree completely. I bought my 2002 YZ 426F 3 weeks ago knowing that I could wait for a 450 Yamaha or 520 KTM. I am glad I got the great deal on my 426; it is as much scoot as I will need and a stone blast to ride. I am one veteran racer able to return to the fold because of this bike. Thank you to Yamaha :D . I wish all the 450 riders the best and I am sure they will have a blast, just like I am :) .

Has anyone read the article in Dirt Bike magazine? They took a WR426F and bored it to 450, it sounded pretty sweet, I guess it really made a difference.

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