Leaded race gas

I have been running C12 in my 02 426 since it rolled off the show room floor, with adjusted jetting, is there any additional maintenance required due to the lead content?

There shouldn't be any additional maintenance needed as leaded gas is actually better for your engine than unleaded.

Where do you get the gas and how much do you pay?

Thanks for the reply...

A local shop sells 5gal C12 for $25.00 plus $10.00 refundable container deposit.

sorry but leaded gas will increase corrosion on valve faces. the yzf's actually run better on premium fuel than they do on leaded race gas.

Actually there was a big problem for some engines when the lead was removed from fuel. Lead is a good lubricant in high-temp situations and it kept the valves and valve seats from begin eaten away by the valve smacking into it (ever run a leaded fuel only engine on unleaded fuel? The valves will probably go first). Newer engines have valves and seats made of better materials which don't need the protection from the lead. Unless there is something in the new valves and seats that has an adverse reaction to lead, leaded fuel is nicer for the motor. It's more resistant to ping and preignition too! With motors now designed for unleaded fuel I'm not sure of the results, but I would be surprised if they were negative (other than additional deposits).

For more info, look up some of the problems that the 2-stroke road race GP teams were having with reliability and loss of HP when they forced them to switch to unleaded fuel a few years ago.

hey vanilla,

please explain to me how lead is going to promote corrosion on a solid Titanium valve?

i just gotta hear this!

thats what the guys at magic's told me when i asked them this same questions. didnt mean to sound like a smart-ass, just passing along what i've heard.

Good info on race fuel/gas above. If there ever was an engine that reguired a specific fuel, it's the 426. Even more so with the 250F that revs higher. Consider the RPM range.

If you insist on running pump swill, kiss top performance goodbye.

so then you guys say race gas will run better up top? i guess my info was wrong then. what does everyone think about 110 turbo blue?

Has anyone ever had any experience running 100 low lead aviation fuel in their bike? $1.50 a gallon and available at your local airport.

guidster, I know a guy who mixes aviation fuel with pump 91 gas and he likes it. My personal feeling is if you don't want to screw up your jetting than just run what works best. For me, 91 octane pump gas, bike runs just fine.

sirthumpalot-one negative result...CANCER

the 110 octane turbo gas is formulated incorrect for the application. Your better off with something like Daeco Blue or trick 108, I was running c-12 for a while, but found a gas station by my house that had 100 unleaded. It seems to work the best. I ride with a couple of guys that think IM a moron for putting 100 octane gas in my bike, when they run pump premium. But I only have to kick'er once. Hot cold fellover what ever. 1 kick. I love sittin there watching them work up a sweat trying to light up the beast. I usually chime in about kick 6 or 8 and say, "boy that pump gas is really cheap". It really pisses em' off when I'll kill my bike waiting for them. And then start it with some effortless halfassed wack :)

Shawn, your bike is probably dialed in and theirs is not. I run pump gas and my bike starts first kick.

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