My WR stinks in rocks

I turned the clickers out all the way on my MX-tech suspension and it still bounces all over the place, unless of course I have the throttle WFO.

I've got to mix it up with some KTM's next weeked in the rocks. Man, I'm considering bringing my DR650!

Any rock riding advice out there?

A DR over the WR? I have never seen such blasemphy in my life! I have the stock suspension on my WR and it is dialed in. I don't have any problems with the front end hunting around in the rough stuff. Have you tweaked the compression and rebound? Are your springs too heavy?

Mine works great in the rocks. I just make sure the rebound is not set too high or you will not maintain traction when gassing it up rocky hills and lose your momentum. I am on the Ohlins rear shock since I wore out the stock unit and it needs rebuilding. :thumbsup:

which clickers? How 'bout some suspension advice? You have fork rebound and compression, and shock high compression, low compression and rebound. By saying you turned the clickers out all the way sounds like you need to do some homework on suspension tuning. Do some research before you ride the DR over the WR :thumbsup:

I feel your pain brother!! When my suspension was stock it worked great on small, braking bumps and stuff like that. Well I had it revalved to compensate for high speed bigger hits and have since completely lost all the plushness on the bottom that I liked so much. I have had the suspension off no less than eight...yes that's "8" times trying to get the plushness back. After all this I have come to one conclusion...I should have taken it to someone who specializes in offroad suspension from the beginning.

I bought the Race Tech Gold Valves, logged onto their site and got the setup info for my age, weight, riding type and so forth. Then worked with a tech @ the local shop to install them. Not too hard @ all.

Bottom Line . . . I love the revalving . . . super smooth on all the little stuff (rocks, roots, . . . ) but still handles big hits OK too.

stop being sucha women and hang on, maybe you are riding to fast for your ability and it is the suspension at all, maybe it is your body positon on the bike. think about that next time and try not to push as hard through the rocks and stay in your limits for a bit and see if it makes a difference, could save to money on ht esuspension.

ride hard live fast

It's the fork thats the problem. The shock is okay. The compression clickers high and low are all the way out. The rebound is set out 4-5 clicks less than for moto, front and rear. I'm 190 with 4.7 fork and 5.6 shock springs.

If I ride fast and hit the rocks hard it's okay. If I back off at all it bangs the bars all over the place. It's like the fork is plush for the 1st 1/3 of the travel then hits the midvalve and stiffens up. As suggested I backed off the rebound on the shock and it got better. I took a little less than 1 once oil out of the forks but noticed no real difference. I'll try less rebound on the fork and see what happens. I doubt the fork goes more than 2/3 down when I'm trail riding, it does not come close to bottoming.

Again the faster I go the better it feels, but if I'm in the woods all day, I just can't keep standing with my head over the bars all day.

I do have some 44 fork springs I'm tempted to try but I don't have time to test it. I'll have to put them on and just ride all weekend with them good or bad.

If you turn out compresion cleackers all the way and it is getting more hard this means that your suspension is packing. I noticed this on my last ride. From time to time I tested backing off click or two and on my last ride there were no more clicks to turn out. I understand what is going on and I turned in 8 clicks. Guess what - mu suspension felt great! Much plusher than when it was 8 clicks more out. Then I remembered for this packing thing. I guess this was my case... I do not understand suspension much. If I'm wrong I hope someone corrects me. :thumbsup:

Set all the clickers back to the stock have it all hosed up right now, they should NOT be all the way out!

It's the fork thats the problem. The shock is okay. The compression clickers high and low are all the way out. The rebound is set out 4-5 clicks less than for moto, front and rear. I'm 190 with 4.7 fork and 5.6 shock springs.

My 2004 WR450F is bran new with completely stock suspension settings and I love it to death. It's just simply a amazing dirtbike! :thumbsup:

Try 16 out on compression and 8 rebound.

I kept my suspension stock but off course meshed something with the clickers and I loved my old WR in rocks!! :thumbsup:

Your stock WR should Rock in the Rocks... Do yourself a favor and really play around with your forks, try some different settings, it's real important. You've got some great forks on your bike you just need to set them up. Start with the stock setting and go from there... Plus, when's the last time you changed the fluid? Very important...

My suspension is not stock. It was modded for more agressive off-road and play moto. I run stiffer springs in front 4.7 vs 4.6 and rear 5.6 vs 5.0. The oil at 115mm was just changed.

I thought it was best to run the suspension as soft as possible until you get bottoming. I will certainly try less rebound which may very well be causing some packing.

It's no biggie now as I just picked up a pair of 250f forks with lighter springs (44) which I will have revalved for rocks. The problem is I want my WR to do everything, 50ft flat landings and still play trials bike in the rocks too. Guess you cannot do that with the same suspension.

I'm gonna swap on the 250f forks this weekend and see how the softer settings work. If no good I'll just swap the 4.7's back on.

Thanks for all your help guys.

What do you weigh?

190-195 w/o gear.

I rode the 2 day ride in NH this weekend and the suspension worked okay as long as I was agressive and not tired. I did not try the other forks yet. I rode some high speed stuff and it did not even close to bottoming though. I guess I have to stop trying to make the bike into a GasGas.

Surprisingly the YZ cam timing was not a problem at all. I think I stalled all of 1 time all weekend and it chugged 2nd gear up the snot rock hills with no problem. Much better than I expected. The hit came in handy for yanking the wheel off stuff I did not want to hit with the too stiff forks. The stiff rear shock beat my butt if I was too tired to stand up. Standing up and on the gas the bike was great save for the high speed rock hits that knock the bars out of my hands!

If it was awhile ago, try servicing the forks. Fresh oil can really do wonders to soak up the small stuff. I ride a lot in wet conditions and it seems a lot of gunk goes inte the forks and contaminates the oil. Every time the forks feel a little out of spec, I might change the oil, oil seals or also even the slide metals depending on how long ago it was serviced. Every time I put them back together and go riding its like "so this is what the '05 forks must feel like..." :thumbsup:

I just changed the oil, and I clean a grease the seals all the time. Never had one leak. The forks are parallel and straight. I think its just the valving, or I am just riding like a wuss. I'll get in shape and ride faster!

I rode mine up and down rocky creek beds for hours on end yesterday. My body got really sore but my bike didn't have any problem. Afterwards I softened up the suspension on my body with a few beers. Then I felt great! :thumbsup:

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