Longer clutch arm?

I'm having some problem with my left middle finger knuckle...an old war injury...the morning after a long ride its killing me! I looked into the Magura hydraulic clutch via searched here at TT, but it looks like the pull really isn't that much better than stock. So heres my question, I have a 2000 YZ 426, is there a longer clutch arm available, like from a WR or another year that will work? Or is the WR's the same length? BTW-I've done the 01 clutch mod if that means anything.

There is a longer arm available, I think it comes off of a 1999 model. I would PM Satch he probably knows. There is a mod where you just cut the stocker add in like 3-5 mm of steel and weld it back together. I hear it works well and it is cheap. This will also make you use more travel to engage/disengage but the effort will be less. Try the Rekluse and ditch the lever altogether! :thumbsup:

According to Cowboyona426's experience, the 2000 has the same actuator arm as the 98-99. You may want to check with the dealer on this but his were the same.

Fastest1- I noticed you have a Magura clutch. Is it true it really isn't any easier to pull (than a 01 clutch mod)?

I'm torn between a longer arm (from an earlier YZ, if its true) or a Magura....... :thumbsup:

I have a magura on 2 yz's a 2000 and a 2002 the pull is much easier after installing the magura. I did have to replace the clutch springs the previous owner on the 2002 put in longer and stiffer springs and it didn't matter what clutch you had on it it was stiff..


I was a non-believer as well about the Magura at first, then I installed one and I can't believe the how much the pull was reduced. I also bought the EZ-Pull lever from Enduro Engineering which reduced the pull by an additional 10-20%! Don't take my word for it, ask YZVET or LBZYZ426, they felt it when I put it on and they couldn't believe it! It may be worth a second look.

Too bad you don't live closer, I'd bring my bike by to let you check it out.

Fastenuf4u- Thanks for the input. I may go that way.

What? San Diego out of your way to show a fellow TT'er your bike? Wisconsin ain't that far....LOL!

I actually used to run the magura, now I dont run a lever at all. I run an EFM auto clutch and will never go back. The magura was a little easier but not much. It was smooth and consistent and never needed adjustment though. Look into a Rekluse auto clutch. It is a great product. You can still retain a lever if you want. It might be necessary for a few jumps right after a slow corner. But not much else. :thumbsup:

I have been running the ASV pro perch on my bike and the pull with a new cable is lighter than a kx125s. I can single finger clutch it without issue all day.

Your five choices are:

--> Longer clutch arm - requires welding, but reduces effort, but also reduces overall feel by limiting the available travel

--> Change the lever-pivot location of the clutch cable - easy to do with a couple of drill bits, but the same as above (less effort, but less travel)

--> Get a hydraulic clutch setup (Magura, Hebo...) - they may reduce the effort, but the big plus is no adjustment needed...

--> get an auto clutch like the EFM, or the Rekluse - just turn the throttle and go...

--> go to a music store and buy a Gripmaster, or squeeze a tennis ball whilst you are at work, waiting at traffic lights or watching TV - your overall grip strength will be improved, so problem solved!

Good luck,


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