00' 426 teardown, what bearings to replace and where to buy?

I bought the bike used and know its never been apart for any type of frame maintenece. I want to change any bearings that need it and grease the ones I can.

What bearings are susceptable to damage?

I know the needle bearings in the steering head will need grease, but what others would be a good idea to replace?



Basicly all the bearings should be replaced-

Front and rear wheel bearings.When you relplace these lube the axle up good so it slides in and out freely.

Headset bearings(steering stem)

Swingarm pivot and shock bearings

You might also want to check all you cables and lube or replace them.

Also lube rear brake pivot, kickstart pivot.

I usually go to rockymountainmc :thumbsup:. They should have all this in stock at a fairly decent price. Have a great day.


You think the headset bearings will need replacing or just fresh grease?

I want to have everything in my hands before tearing the bike down for minimal down time.

Thanks for the tip on replacing cables too. I have new throttle cablesd but not clutch.

They are cheap enough to just go ahead and replace. :thumbsup:

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