Titanium subframe worthwhile?

Has anyone bought a Ti subframe from Yamaha?

What is the actual weight savings? Does the titanium framework absorb any vibration? How's the fit & quality? Are there any other sources to buy from than Yamaha? Thanks.

the stock aluminum sub-frame is lighter then a Ti.


but the Ti. is a bunch stronger..

so if you crash alot and bend the stock one.. i would by ti..

Yamaha of Troy sells them for $390, claims the weight savings is over 1 lb?

I have one for sale if you want one. the weight savings I am not sure about, but it is way cool. the fit is good , the welds are very nice. the only bad thing is to much of it gets covered. I payed over $400 for it and thought that was a deal. I'd sell it for $300, not bent, never been bent.



I'm not sure what you mean by "the only bad thing is too much of it gets covered"?

Originally posted by Joko:

I'm not sure what you mean by "the only bad thing is too much of it gets covered"?

I think what he meant is that once you put the seat back on and the side panels the frame is pretty much covered up.

I guess not too many Titanium subframes have been bought?

About two months ago there was a ti-sub frame business for sale on E-Bay. Mostly Yamaha. Included all the fixtures, measuring tools and many componets.


As for the on-going arguement over weight and speed and the alternatives....I support anything that keeps the brain functioning.

Riding all day is great, but when you have new stuff to test and play with, it's even better!!



Any way to retrieve that Ebay info?

Joko - I don't think so. Even my own auctions are erased after about 30 days.

If you were really interested, perhaps you could write or call EBay and see what they could do.

I think the guy was asking about $12k for it, and I think he was in So. Cal somewhere.


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