Secret decoder for carb settings in signatures?

I know that alot of guys post their carb set ups in thier signatures like this: "170 MJ, 42PJ, 75 PAJ, 200 MAJ, 65SJ"

I know MJ is main jet and PJ is pilot jet, but what are the others? Also, I bought the JD kit, is there a kit out there for the remaining jets? :thumbsup: Not everyone posts their elevation or location for reference either.

I know I'm beating a dead horse, but after spending 60 bucks to fix the mid throttle surging problem, I'm still chugging around the trails and the streets.

MAJ, main air jet, PAJ, pilot air jet, SJ, slow jet or leak jet that your AP squirts through. :thumbsup:

SJ - Starter jet

MJ - Main Jet

MAJ - Main air jet

PAJ - Pilot air jet

PJ - pilot jet

JD#4 - James Dean needle & clip position

Zip-TY - adjustable air screw

LJ - Leak jet

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