Right Peg - What's the Ultimate Fix????

I haven't lost my peg in a while... (Only once in Mex, and one in Glamis... still waiting for #3 time...) I still carry extra bolts and an extractor just in case...

But I've heard there's some fixes for this... or a 'fix' that is better than stock or the chance of breaking/shearing bolts.

Anyone know??

SRC sells a kit that fixes it.


I found an excellent shop in Ensenada that is going to fix mine up for 350 pesos or about 32 bucks. This guy fixes up all of the locals bikes and is about half the price of Taller Pando that everyone raves about. Pretty close by. The guy goes by Pitufo(Pinpchio) and so far has done a great job for me at real cheap prices. 150 pesos to lace up a wheel, 70 pesos to change a tire. Can't beat those prices.

As for the foot peg what they do is weld a bracket to the top part of the foot peg that goes over the top part of the frame. Then the front bolt is drilled out and through bolted to the back side. That way the majority of the wieght of the rider is on the frame and not on the bolt, which makes it much stonger.

If you are going to be in Ensenada, let me know and I will show you where that shop is.

Talk to you soon.

Had mine shear off twice coming off fairly high (desert) drop-offs at good speed...NOT fun!

Spoke to bolt 'specialist' who suggested heat treating bolts...said that tho would make the metal 'softer', should not shear as easily, tend to bend instead.

Since then no problems, but do have to tighten about quarter turn (rear bolt) after every (100mile) dunes ride...

Hope this of help...

E :thumbsup:

I've heard that too... and oddly, last time I broke mine, I was on my way to San Felipe (240 mile ride)...

I rode to a local shop (Jaime's at the South end of town towards Ruebens) and had him extract the broken bolt(s) and install two from a 'out of commision' 1982 or so ATC250R (I watched him look around the ATC to find the right size... then rob it! But he had more broke down old jalopies around that place... relics!!!). Same size in length but both of them Hex head.

I haven't had an issue since either. :awww:


I might opt for the SRC kit, as taking my bike to Ensenada with me is out of the question for some time right now. Even though I'll be there this weekend. No time to take the bike or have it worked on. The price sure sounded right though!!! :thumbsup: oh well.

A friend of mine is a machinist that builds hot rods, choppers, gun modifications and all kinds of fun stuff. After breaking right side bolts twice, once going real fast at a D-37 race and getting knocked out and one time just putting in the sand, I took my bike to my friend. He drilled out the frame where the bolts thread in, welded in steel inserts, and now I use Grade 8 bolts and lock nuts to hold everything in place. Works great so far, and the best thing was the price, only twenty bucks!!!!! :thumbsup:

I like that idea.

I might try that too.

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