Sunday Ocala Ride!!!!!!

hey guys, im tring to get a ride going this sunday in ocala national forest, anyone interested in going. We should all meet early sunday morning and ride for the day. what do you all think?????

I would love to go, unfortunately I'm headed on a cruise on saturday.. Do you ride there often? Do you have to be dual sported to ride where you ride?

A bunch of us (7 people if everyone shows up) are meeting Sunday morning at 7:30 down near Alexander Springs. PM me if you want to go and I'll give you directions.

Sirthumpalot, we ride every Sunday up there. You don't HAVE to be dual-sported, it just makes things a lot easier and more enjoyable. Most riders tomorrow won't have tags on their bikes. (It is illegal to ride on the numbered roads w/o a tag and we sometimes have to ride on them to get from one trail to the next. A ticket could cost as much as $250.) It's pretty much up to the individual rider to determine what risk you are willing to take. If someone doesn't want to risk it, let everyone know before we start and we'll make every effort to find a "safer" alternate route.

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