copper washers+o=rings for oil change???

dumb question but how often should you change o-rings and copper washers and what size are the little suckers...i've done about 20 hr's,changing oil and filter every time now wondering if its worth changing the filter evrytime or just as the manual says every second...Magnetic bung who makes??

cheers guys :thumbsup:

I've had mine since Sept '01 and never changed the copper washers. But be careful when setting the torque on the engine bolt so you don't strip the cases.

I replace/clean the oil filter every other oil change and change the oil every 2-3 rides. My bike has held up well in the nearly three years of riding it.

Moose and Zip ty make the magnetic oil drain bolts.

The by-the-book ideal is every time you change the oil. Realistically, the o-rings should be replaced any time they appear hardened, damaged in any way, or have foreign material embedded in them. The coppers are a little different, since they aren't resilient; they crush a little more with each use. Watch them for the same things as the o-rings, but throw in a "too-thin" or overly crushed look as a criteria for dumping them. They aren't expensive, and your Yamaha dealer should have plenty, or have a good excuse, at least.

I keep a set in the tool box and replace them occasionally, buying another set at my convenience to keep on hand. If you reuse them, watch them for leaks and eventually your experiences will guide you.

I believe Works Connection offers mag drain bolts.

thanks boys good 2 hear...have fun ridin

I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.... :thumbsup:


Nice to know that you still take good care of the 'ol blue stepchild.


Nice to know that you still take good care of the 'ol blue stepchild.

It's still a darn good bike!

I do like the CRF450 better but the YZF gets a workout when the CRF is torn apart. No more having to "hurry up" and get things ready so I can ride. :thumbsup:

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