Let's hook-up and ride in Oregon/SW Washington

I'm out of San Diego in a few weeks for good. I'll be moving to Portland Oregon and would like to hook-up with any TT members... Ok, including non-members :D that live in the general area. I know there is Eric in Washington. Are there others? I'd like to hear from you. Back to riding twisty trails with lots of wet tree roots, rocks, and clay! :) I didn't make it to Moab this year however; I'd sure like to put some faces with the names on this site. Aren't you guys talking about Canada in 2001?

Team Oatmeal Pie is based in Portland. Our elaborate Team facility, has workout rooms, hot tubs and personal trainers. Errr I mean the weight bench gathering dust, and the 12 oz can (milwaukies best)Iam told is the training size, (until I work up to the double duece, but we do have a tub, to wash off the grime (or sadness brought on by the state police having some kind of grudge against dirt bikes so powerful they shouldnt be legal.

In all seriousness, I try to ride as much as possible, Browns camp west of PDX is excellent, just hope the snow never gets that low to shut out the trails. If you arent already familiar with www.oohva.org

Check it out is will give you some idea of whats available, also check out www.nmaoffroad.org it has a map/list of sites in washington, be sure to check out the photo gallery, as it show some awesome high altitude riding areas. Let me know when you get here and are ready to ride. I usually shoot for at least one day out of the weekend, rain or shine. Occasionally some track time but mostly trails.

I can be reached via email twilsondxu@msn.com

Florence is only a few hours south. Sweet dune riding. And check into the Naches area. Some INCREDIBLE single track. I live in Richland, WA, which is out of your way, but plenty of good stuff near you... Even Castel Rock and Washougal MX

Hey, thanks for the response. We'll definately have to hook up sometime in the new year! I did live in Oregon for most of my life and I'm familiar with Browns Camps, Jones Creek, and Milican Valley East of Bend, OR. I've also ridden Sand Lake however; I've never made it to Florence. That sounds like fun. :) How does the dub-r 400 do in the sand with a paddle (stock timing)?

Does the dub r 400 do as well as your run of the mill 250 2-smoke with a paddle? I've ridden in some sand at Ocotillo Wells (east of San Diego 60 miles however; no really tall dunes and such.

Originally posted by Bryan Bosch:

Back to riding twisty trails with lots of wet tree roots, rocks, and clay!

Sounds like you would enjoy the riding up around Trask and Bald mountains, where I do most of my riding. I hit Brown's camp now and then as well, but it's a bit less populated up in the hills - and trails go on as long as you have gas!

Yes. My only two smoke was an 89 RM250, and the WR is comparable, but better in acceleration, though WAY higher top speed. The only thing I don't like is the extra weight, and the compression braking digging the front.

Stay on the gas in the sand and you should be fine. Easy as pie if the sand is moist, and plenty of cussing if the sand is powder. The hardest part is slowing down in loose sand, as the front tends to plow, and then getting going again.

Yup. I can see the compression braking thing. Ah, who needs brakes right? :)

Only when riding away from the ocean. The wind blows in, so the sand piles up in ramps. As you ride towards the ocean, you ride up a bunch of little cliffs(2-3 foot small ones, some drifts as big as 10-15 feet) and then down their sloped backsides. But as you ride inland all the visibility dissapears and you can't tell how big the cliffs are. CRAZY feeling. The horizon looks totally flat and then you ride off a big cliff going way to fast... done that a couple of times. Don't really ever need a front brake. The back works even better than usual in sand.

Don't forget the trails up by hood river!

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