Valve job

hey I have a Buddy that has a '01 426 that needs a Valve job does anybody know of a good place in So. Cal.

thanks. :thumbsup:

Hi there,

I hope I am not off topic: if valve job refers to doing the valve clearence then read on....

hmm... If your friend has the time, maybe he would want to do the valve job himself (valve clearance) as it is very simple and cheap to do.

All he need is the feeler guage (0.05 to 1 mm) and other normal tools

here is how u do it

1) remove the head stay (3 bolts and nuts on top of the cylinder head)

2) remove the cylinder head cover (2 allen key bolts)

3) he will be able to see the DOHC and just slip the feeler guage between the cams and the valves and record down the clearance.

4) repeat that to all the 5 vales

5) ascertain the new shim thickness by deducting the recomended clearence (0.20-0.25 for exhaust and 0.10-0.15 for intake) with the current valve clearence measurement.

6) stuff a big piece of cloth into the area where the timing chains are so that loose bolts etc wont fall in.

7) remove the timing chain tensioner and then remove the dohc holder (size 8 bolts). BE CAREFUL WHEN REMOVING THE DOHC HOLDER AS THERE ARE C CLIPS UNDER THEM.

8) tie a safety wire onto the timing chain and attach it to the frame tightly

9) remove the buckets using a magnet pen etc

10) you will be able to see the shims under the bucket.

11) use the result (of the recomended clearance minus the obtained clearence) to deduct from the valve shim (eg exhaust~ 0.25<recomended clearence> - 0.15<obtained clearence> = 0.1 therefore the new shim should be 1.65<original shim>-0.1 = 1.55

12) repeat for all 5 valves and get the new shims (the shims can be interchanged if suitable)

13) reinstall

the whole job will take you at most 2 hours and will cost not more the $20 bucks (if your local yamaha dealer let you exchange shims then its free!)

good luck :thumbsup:

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