m. cylinder guard and fork seals '99 yz400

I need the aluminum rear master cylinder guard/cover for a 99 yz400. If anyone has one to spare, let me know what you want for it. They're a little pricey new.

I just had to replace the front fork seals on this '99 I've had for about 4 months. Don't know when/if they were replaced previously. Is it a recurring problem with these flipped forks and (if so) how often?


to bad you dont live in san jose,ca.i saw a couple DSP carbonfiber mastercylnder guards on closet out for $49 last weekend at CycleGear

Desperado. The fork seals on my 99 are original. So is the oil for that matter. Yours might have just worn out or there could have been calcium deposits on the fork legs from washing the bike and not drying the fork legs off. The calcium deposits eat up the fork seals or so I've read.


So wiping the forks off after washing the bike is a good idea huh. What about spraying WD-40 on them or something else?

Hey Desperado,

you talking about the alum. guard that bolts to the frame and covers the plastic rear master cylinder? if so man, i still have the stock one from my 98 model that i would part with, so shot me an offer....cause i have know idea what the price of one is.


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