What's the plug tellin' me???

i fouled another plug the other day (blue wire mod, here i come) it may of been my fault though with an overoiled airfilter.

anyways, the plug was ALL black to the first thread....rich? i think so, but where am i rich at? also there is a slight puff of black smoke when i turn the throttle at just above idle


The Plug is saying

Luke Join me on the Dark Side and together as father and Son we can rule the motoverse

Actually its rich down low, if you blipping, or you may have bad somthing or other in the thngyAmagig

Can you list the Jetting please that you are currently running. I personally feel the blue wire is a hoax but I dont know it did nothing for my 00 that I noticed. But some swear by it and so with that do it it cant hurt.

List you jetting though

I would personally go by the jetting specs in the manual, if you are still on the stock jetting you are jetted for Sea level and somewhere around 70 degrees. Check that ALL of your settings for the carb match the manual for your altitude and temp.

Was this a problem prior to your overoiled filter?? Has the temperature changed drastically where you ride??

If the problem of fouling continues you may want to tear the carb down to check for any crud or corrosion etc. funking up your mixer.

Carb probs rate up there right behind electrical..



its stock jetting for all i know, i bought it slightly used with no mods.

yes this has been a problem, i have fouled 6 maybe 7 plugs since mid april when i bought it. the temperature hasnt changed DRASTICALY, maybe 7-10 degrees up, but the humidity has gone up.

after i put the new plug in yesterday i started it, rode it for 5-8 minutes and then turned the fuel off, let it idle for 20 seconds and then shut it off, sat her away because i was going to ride it about 5 hours later with my friends. well they get here, i pull out my bike and turn the fuel on and choke on and about 13 kicks later, no go. put the choke in on kick 6 and pulled hot start on kick 10 (i had no more plugs left)

im really beginning to hate my bike

i guess the first thing i will do is clean the carb and jets and everything and then jet it correctly for the summer and humidity

what else you guys got?


Maybe try raising the clip on your needle. Its really easy. Just take the top of your carb(two bolts)and there it is. Also try dropping one size on your main jet. I had the same prob as you but not as bad, Black smoke as well.

You have to pull your carb off and see what jets are in it. Don't assume it's stock. My bike was on the rich side stock from the factory. I dropped the pilot jet from a #42 to a #40 and dropped the needle (lean it out)one clip position. I also turned the fuel screw to 1 1/8 turns out. The main is still stock #162), but I may drop one size. I'm still doing some testing. Make sure the jets are clean. The pilot jet has some small holes on the side. All must be totally clean. Air filter oil in the jets or passages will mess up the way your bike runs. Make sure you start with a clean carb before jetting. Are you running a CR8E plug? Carbon may also build up if you use a CR9E plug (colder plug). You need to see the base of the insulator to properly read a plug.


You're not that far away, about 1 1/2 hours. I go to a track, Sandusky Valley Riders, that is around 89 miles from you. I have jets that fit the 01. I have carb cleaner. I have No Toil. There is an air compressor at the club.

If you want to come to a cool private track and have someone work on your carb for free, just reply here. I'm up there 2 or 3 times a week.

Good luck,


p.s, it is in the town of Mexico, OH if you want mapquest distance.

Try turning your idle up a hair if its stalling . I had that problem . I also had alot of fouled plugs until I did the blue wire mod. I havent fouled a plug since . But , then again I was new to the bike and the drill . anyways the blue wire mod is so simple , its foolish not to at least try it . Its easy to put back the way it was also . No bad side effects. Try the free stuff then spend the money to rejet ( not that its very expensive ) . I would drop a new plug in it - do the blue wire mod and see how it works . I also never have had to use my hot start button since the blue wire mod. Good luck buddy ! :)

MC, you've gotta PM :)

Seems like I will purchase mass quantities of jets and see how it works out from there and do the blue wire thing first.

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