oil change

i was wondering how often u guys change your oil. i know in the manuel it says to every ride. is that neccesary. thanks

Every 3 hrs.

Every ride is not a bad idea... but really isnt necessary. I think most people here change their oil every 3-5 rides. When parts are moving at 12k RPM, the oil tends to break down quickly.

I change it every 3 rides. I ride moto cross and a ride works out to be about one hours worth of riding.

Please take note about magnetic drain plugs. DO NOT BUY THE MOOSE MAGNETIC DRAIN PLUG. :) The threads are not correct and the company sends a steel washer with it. The result is a striped out hole. The company will tell you "to bad get over it" and "we don't care of you tell everyone on the TT bulletin Board".

The strainer is not really a concern. I pulled mine for the first oil change and it was totally clean. I wouldn't worry about the strainer except maybe every 3 or 4 oil changes.

If you do check the strainer, I won' again, remember to loosen the aluminum tube below it where it goes into the case below the oil pump and filter. Loosen several turns and pull it out of detent before screwing with strainer clamp or bolt.

Good luck,


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