Trade Clarke tank, soft seat and graphics for stock yz?

I am looking to trade my Clarke 3.2 (blue) with a new set of Factory Effects tank graphics (not even put on), my soft Factory effects seat with graphics cover for a 01 or 02 stock YZ tank and seat.

Mr Toyz

Lets see if I can get a pic to work...

Oh I guess the trade would include the shrouds as well :)


Damn I cant get it to work... I does work if you cut and paste the url.

[ June 23, 2002: Message edited by: Mr Toyz ]

Wow I'm one interested?

Mr Toyz

i got a stock tank and seat..neither one has more than 2 rides on them.before i bought an IMS tank and SDG seat..but no graphics on tank..blew off with pressure washer..let me know if you wanna trade..



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