Holy Cow! My Head Is Shot!

What a bummer. My 2001 426 was making a noise I was not familiar with so I figured it was time for a valve check. It might have had 10 hours on it since it was rebuilt by a dealer mechanic because of timing chain breakage. The intake valves were so tight I could not get any feeler gauges in to check clearance. So I took the chain off and the intake cam wouldent even spin. The bolts to the cam cap seemed really tight, but its hard to tell with a short wrench. After I pryed the cam out of the cap I discovered the cap and head are egged out.The bearing is fine. The head journals are so mushroomed that I cant remove the buckets from the springs. What could have went wrong? The oil is changed every ride faithfully. There was oil in the cam cap, so I assume its getting oil and the exhaust cam is fine and that is lubbed after the intake cam. What else should I check? I'm worried about the valves, and my wallet. :thumbsup:

don't despair...

Mike @ EDCO will fix you right up.

Tell him TT sent you, there are quite a few satisfied customers here that have had him repair the same malady.




Yep. Engine Dynamics saved my head. Had the same problem as you. $100 fixed it.

Thanks guys, I'll give EDCO a call. Anyone know the cause of this problem?

It might have had 10 hours on it since it was rebuilt by a dealer mechanic

Go back and ask the Mechanic how he tightened the cam caps. If he didn't use a torque wrench chances are that is the cause.

The bolts to the cam cap seemed really tight

If the caps are overtightened you loose the clearance between the caps and the cams and the cams bind in the journals. The end result is egged out journals.

I checked my valves and put it back together without a torque wrench not thinking that it was all that important. Soon my cam journals looked exactly like you described with no clearance between the cam and bucket.

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