Edelbrok, Mikuni or FCR2?

Hi guys,

I am looking to replace my carb on my 1998 WR400 and was wondering if anyone has used the Edelbrok (Part No15-1119) and can compare it to the FCR2. The FCR2 is very difficult to get over here (Singapore)so was hoping to get either this Edelbrok or one of the Mikuni carbs from this web site.

Any feed back? Do you have to change the throttle cables to use their ones? What size Mikuni is suggested? What is easier to work on?

Cheers guys n gals.

One TT'er SWORE w/ the Edlebrock on his 98/99. Said it ran MUCHO better.

Why are you replacing the current carb?

Someone wanted it more than me...

Anyone else have experience with the Edelbrok carb?

Click here for an informative post from the DRZ forum. Nice write up on the Edelbrock carb. The post kind of turned into a pissing match but it has some great info on the carb.


My FCR on my '01 DRZ440E has been a PITA to adjust. It's still not

right. I have considered the Edelbrock a bunch lately...

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