i have one but its not it perfect shape.it doesnt leak but has a epoxy repair.actually it just has epoxy over spot i thought leaked but after i epoxied spot i thought leaked i realized there was a hole in hose causing leak not radiator.i will sell for $75 shipping included,i can take a couple pics if your interested.if you want you can give me $65 + $10 shipping.what ever is better for you.im easy enough to please

I own a 1998 YZ400F and am in need of a right side radiator { fill side}. Mine is leaking and is basically Toast.

If anyone has one laying around or has any parts bikes that have a rad that would fit, i would be interested in buying it for a reasonable price.

Thank you for all your help.

So the rad has no damage and no holes AT all?

and it would be fine if the epoxy was removed?

I live in Canada but have a contact in the states where u could ship it to.

would u take an offer of $60 U.S shipping included?

sorry,i would rather keep it as spare for $60.

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