whitch is lighter


Typically, magnesium is lighter than aluminum, aluminum is lighter than titanium, ti is lighter than steel.

Remember the intended function of the part as the material strengths are miles apart.


stainless steel is a alloy.depends on what kind of aluminum you are comparing it too.there's CNC aluminums,titanium alloys,forged aluminum,cast aluminum,etc.it all depends on different grades and finish of alloy products.i know for a fact cast iron is heavier than carbons fiber.if your trying to save weight stay away from cast iron parts.i can really feel the weight of my casy iron rims,but i get great traction.i used to bungy cord sand bags to rear fender for traction ,but dont have to since i went to cast iron rims and a lead seat.my problem is i aways come up about 15' short on the 50' double.ouch


is stainless steel lighter than alumiunium?

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