so what does the 24 extra cc's do in terms of power compared to the 426? Would it be worth trading in my '02 426? Personally, I believe the YZ426 has more power than the CRF450. My bike pulls CRF450s off the line.

I dont know if I would trade in my 2002 bike just for 24 more cc's. I mean, can you honestly say you use all the power that the 426 puts out?? Most mortals couldn't use all the power that a YZ400F put out. So my answer is if you are doing it for a lighter bike then maybe its worth it, I still don't think so (not a 2002 anyway) but if you're doing it for the engine, definitely not.

shane if you are "pulling" CRF's off the line it is because you have more skill than the other riders, and yes YAMAHA's have more power down low than the CRF's, I'm not debating that!...at least ride a CRF before you say that! I rode both, and I just cant decide which bike I want to buy :)

It will have a little more power, but are you pinned everywhere needing another 2 hp to cut a 1/2 second a lap? If you are happy wih your bike then I'd keep it, if you just want a new one then go for it, but the guy on the 'old' 426 who beat you before will still beat you.

As far as starts, I've holeshot vet class races on a 125 and it sure wasn't because my bike would smoke the 426's and 250's on the line. And if it were all power, Cooper on that 78hp KTM 540 would kill everyone on starts...but RC with 50-55hp beats him to the first corner almost every time.

I can beat my buddy's CRF450 off the line and I have a '99 YZ400. He's been riding way longer and has more a heap more skills than I do. He passes me in 3rd gear though...not for long

Man, it must be nice to have traction where the power of the 426 is too much for mere mortals. I live in the tumbleweed state and I pin the throttle in each and every gear, slinging sand as much as possible. I use every ounce of hp this bike has every trip out. I've already told me wife that I want to get an older CR500 as a project bike. She asked me why and my first point was "It's the fastest (jap) dirtbike made."

I did have the opportunity to ride on some good dirt on a track in Oregon when I was there last year. The acceleration is mind-numbing on a track where you hook up good. I just wished the straights were a little longer.

If you'll excuse me I'm going to go out and do a little rain dance now then come in and pray for liquid traction to fall from the sky while I clean all the freakin dust outta my airfilter (again!).


I think the main difference in the 450 will be how it handles. If you ever have ridden a 250f then you know how well it handles, due to the lighter weight. I think the new 450 will handle very similar to the 250f yet have the power that we all are used to. If I just bought a new 02' YZ426 I wouldnt sell it...it takes awhile to get a new bike setup for your riding style. I have had my 426 for 2 years and it is setup exactly for me. My Dad has been wanting a 426 ever since I got one, but since Mom told him he cant buy another bike for himself. Well, I am going to buy a 450 for me and give him my 426 :) This way Mom cant get pissed at him, and she doesnt care if I buy a new bike.

I love the engine on the 426, hopefully Yamaha didnt try to remove the engine braking like Honda did (IMO I think engine braking is great for MX, but others disagree, it is all personal preference) There is times where 3rd gear isnt quite enough on jumps but 4th gear is too much...this is where I think the 4 speed will excel. You guys are making me lose sleep at night thinking about this bike...please stop LOL. Later,


I know Garrett knows this, but just to clarify, a lot of the reason a 250f handles like it does is BECAUSE it has less power, like a 125 handles better than a 250. No 450cc 50hp bike will ever handle like a 250cc 30hp bike, so don't expect to get a 450f and have it feel like a 250f, it won't. Lighter will be better, but it will be nothing like a 250f.

good point mxaddict.

MXaddict's point is never more evident than the test with the ktm 520 and 400 back to back. The bikes are identical short the bore and stroke. The test says the 400 handles like a 125 compared to the 520. Same frame, engine castings, suspension everything. Power is the enemy of handling.

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