Fork seal info needed...

can someone tell me what tools are necessary to replace the fork seals on my 426..

i get charged $150.00 every 2 months(which is how long my seals are lasting) for the shop to replace them..... i know i can do it, if i just knew the tools i need....

thanks guys for your help!!!!

Usually the only thing that is specialty would be a seal driver. I would start by purchasing a shop manual as it goes into more detail than the owners manual. Of course they will recommend all sorts of specialty tools but most of these items are overkill and there is some other tool available in your shop. A good seal driver would be advised though. I have seen them for sale I think on Factory Connections web page. You may also want to try using some aftermarket seals since the stock YZs suck and also cover that little goober hole in the left fork. Funny thing is these forks are pretty much the same as what I have on my CR125 and I have had that bike for a year with no seal problems but their fork guards keep more of the dirt out from around the fork leg.


I have had my zy over a year now and still running the stock seals. I clean mine regularly now with some old strips of 35mm film and finish up with a business card. Just wipe around the forks slipping underneath the seal. This has kept my stockers working great. They did leak bad before I learned this trick.

I have heard a lot of smack talking about how the stock seals suck but then there have been many others who've tried aftermarket ones and then have switched back. Some of the guys here like to shorten the spiring around the dust seals or wipers and say that helps. I like to use some lithium grease under the wipers after everything is spotless and I've been having zero trouble.

I don't think changing seals every two months is right.

Good luck.


I just did my seals myself last week. All you need is a seal driver as said above. Everything else is just common hand tools. You might want to get a tool for adjusting the oil height. I made a oil level tube out of 12" of brake line a washer and 2 o-rings to set the level. Some fishtank air line and a sryinge. You set the washer at the desired height from the bottom of the brake line. I did this by putting a o-ring on each side of the washer to hold it in place. Attach the line and scyringe to the other end of the brake line. Overfill the fork and suck the extra out with the tool. Or you can but a tool for this job. Mine cost all of like $5.

Thanks for the info guys.. i will try that business card trick..

hootna.. what is the "goober hole" you are talking about??

cuz it is the left side that always leaks...

thanks again!!!

Sorry, It is that stupid hole in the fork guard on the left hand side. I have heard of people covering the hole with tape on the inside of the guard. I personally do not think it is a problem with the seals as they are the same on both sides so it has to be some external and this I assume to be that goofy little hole. Now if you clean the dirt and crud out after each ride as stated above you shouldnt have a problem. I should do this but oh well I dont own a Yamaha anymore I just hope my KTMs fork seals hold out as well as my Hondas.

You could also try seal savers, I saw that they were advertised on TT but dont know if they help much. May keep more dirt in than it keeps out..

Good Luck :)

I am in the process f doing my seals now finishe leg one Sat and will do the other today I hope. Wife Duties :)

Anyway motoman has some good articles on seal tools see tch articles and look for Seal tools.

Any hoot I built my own seal driver from Motomans example using a PVC 2" connector, I sliced to puppy down the Middle, put it around the fork and used a rubber malat to drive the seal in No worries. Of course tapping "LIGHTLY" around the paremiter

The Mallat is a 8oz if your wondering, enough wt to drive it in. The Damper Rod Holding tool is great saved 70 bucks. So all my new tools cost me 10 bucks as apposed to buying them for 100 +.

Good advis above also get a manual, walks you through each step.

I just picked up also Seal Savers from they are one of TT's new Advertisers, I got them in a couple of days and they look great and appear to be manufactured (Sewed UP) nice and tight...

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Let me know how you like the SEALSAVERS and any problems or quirks with the suckers. I looked at their web page but they do not have a close up and I have never seen a bike with upsidedown forks with them installed. Maybe if you got a camera you can post or send me some pics. I also wonder if they really keep the dust out or if it still some how gets sucked in anyway.




Here ya go, once I have the Front End back on today or Monday I will post the pics complete



If I were to get them again I would buy the long sleeve, Why, For 22 dollors I could cut them down to make a half dozen of the shorties. 16 Bucks for 1 pair - 22 bucks for 6 Hummm

Hind site is always 20/20

As far as keeping the dust out, I dont know yet I have recieved alot of good remarks on sealsavers, not these in particular, but I have looked at them all and they are the same. Sealsavers are cheaper cost factor...

Me Wife Keeps me on a Budget Leash Now :)

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They look good, I guess I will need to get me a set of the longs and make a bunch of shorties. Hopefully my KYBs are the same size as my WPs.

Thanks for the pictures...



2 more questions,

when you use the card to clean the dirt out, are you just using it to clean the dirt under the dust seals? or are you going all the way under the oil seal??

#2 to replace the oil seal, is it necessary to remove the big bolt on the bottom of the fork tube (valve stack)??

thanks again!!

Hey 426guy,

I have never changed my seals so I can't speak to your second question. But as for the business card trick.

I slide the dust seals down and out of the way and actually clean under the oil seals, first with the 35mm film strips to get out the big gritty stuff and then follow up with the business card.

Be careful to use a new card without any tears cuz if one rips on you then you have paper stuck under the seals. I just work a corner in and then stuff the card as far up there as possible and then wipe all the way around the fork and gradually slide the card out. As Mr. Miage (spelling) says..."if do right, no can defense."

Ok so that doesn't really apply but my seals used to leak and after cleaning them out, no more leaky seepy weepy.

Ride On,



I changed my forkseals for the first time this thursday. I had BIG worries beforehand, doing this, but now - easy. I had a friend helping me, he knew how to do it, so the best way is to have someone around to help You who knows his stuff.

You do NOT need to loosen the shim stack (the big bolt on the end of the leg). It helps if You have a friend to help You, or grow two more hands.

Follow instructions and it is quite easy, if You get stuck, go on thumpertalk and someone will help/guide You.

Invest in a pair of SealSavers, I did. The long ones protects the forklegs from roost and that is a good thing. So far they work great, not dirt under the dustcaps sofar and VERY easy to install. You just have to squeze the the forkprotector guides together to compress the neoprene of the sealsaver for the bolt to reach its nut (You will understand when You get there).

150 bucks for forksealchange!!!! outrageous. Use those dollars to buy the tools needed (or make them)and start changing seals Yourself. If You have too, pay someone to show You how it is done.

IMPORTANT, center the wheel. Search here on TT on how to do it.


Congrates 426fred

Now you are a world class mech-a-neck :) hows it feel to be a ligit grease monkey now

I second the sealsavers, I have them and they do look cool once ya get used to them.

I will post some pics this afternoon once I get the rest of the bike together this morning :D

FLAME DISCLAIMER Grease monkey is not a cut-burn or name calling it is a term for mechanics

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I went through 2 set of seals on my WR426 before using Seal Savers.They are well worth $19.

btw, I use a long punch carefully around the outer edge to install the seal.Be careful not hit the tube.

For all that want to see what they look like on the bike here ya go.

FYI Buy the Long ones for 22 buck you can cut and make 3 pair of shorties, instead of paying 16 for one pair of shorties


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