does anyone have odi lock on grips

I'm in need of new grips and I like the looks of the odi lock on grips, has anyone tried them and like them :thumbsup:

I use 'em on my mountain bike and they're great. Considering a pair for the WR when the existing grips wear out...

I have them on my 426 and will never use anything else again. :thumbsup:

I saw those in a magazine once, and loved the concept. Anyone have a pricetag for these bad boys?? Thanks,


josh The odi grips are 17.99 through chaparral :thumbsup:

Thanks for the info, I will have to order a pair. Are the ends open to accept hand guards? Thanks again.


yes the ends are open

I've never seen these before. VERY cool! I might have to get a set...

For anyone that's interested, here's the link: ODI PowerSports

I have recently installed them on my bike. So far, I love them. I have NEVER been able to get grips to stay put for long regardless of what glue/wire etc I use. So far these haven't moved.

I'm going to get some for my jet-skis too!

Oh, and I got mine through the TT store.

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