Zstart, WCTT3 and the Final Verdict

Well Got back from WCTT3 on Monday, unloaded everything in the garage, took a shower and simply passed out on the couch daughter cuddled up nest to me.

Did not get a chance to ride Saturday was just too busy with Camp business and getting everyone settled in. SO Sunday was the show case day for me and the Zstart. First things first

Number One: I put the clutch back together late Wed night before the ride, seems the New Gen 3 instructions have you removing the clutch boss and ring from the 01 and 02 426. Since I have the 2000 with the 01 clutch fix, I called rekluse to confirm I needed to remove this. Once done I measured all my friction disc's and found all but 3 out of tolerance, So its new clutch time (BTW Tolorance was very close when I first got the Zstart, I was to cheep to by new Friction disc;s). Put it all back together with the install gap just a bit on the high side at .038. All is well bike feels good what the heck lets roll. I was worried I would cook my clutch at Foresthill.

Sunday rolls around, I stayed off Loop 5 for good reasons, One I hate it, two it jack hammers my back, three I want to live to see Monday. Loop 5 real jacks my back so I stay away from it, so Loops 1,2,3,4 & 7 are the ticket.

First loop all is well getting to have a great feel for the tight twisties and how the rekluse is holding up. Setting up the bike into a rutted turn was so fun, just stuff the front wheel into the rut and let the clutch do the rest, just keep power on and it rolls through like a Popa John Deere, chug chug you out. What was cool was stabbing the rear brake and having it setup like a 2 smoke, just slides into place with zero coast time. We hit trail 3 and did the highway jumps, long sweeping fire road sliding and pretty much WFO in some places. We went from 1st gear twisties to 5th gear slide ways all in one loop.

You can really get into a zone doing this. unfortunately getting into a zone for me means bruised ribs so I stuffed the front into a beautiful berm and stabbed the rear setting the bike up and the berm just blew out, shoving my front through it. Wam I rolled got up and on my way so easy, and yet suddenly I get a sharp pain in my right rib :awww: Oh well keep going.

Second time out we ended going down a very steep stair case, I mean this thing had to be 35 degrees from vertical with about 5 steps all the way down every 40 yards or so. Very cool trick on the Zstart, blip the throttle instant engine brakes :lol: very cool, you get very used to how the Zstart is used in different section. Steep down hills a simple blip brings it up and engine braking is felt, very controlled feeling. Twisties, you just have to stab the rear with the gas on at the last second and slide the rear into the berm stuffing your front into your apex. Twist the grip and your gone.

All in All the Zstart once again proved its worth to me, I did not get out to ride like I wanted, just the same I had a great time with everyone I rode with. The Zstart Perfect :thumbsup:

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