Getting Old

I over shot a gap jump in the dunes, landed flat and bounced over the bars onto my left shoulder, resulting in a mild separation, I know this because I already did it to my right shoulder, but much worse last summer(out for 3 months).

Do we have any protection against this type of injury, I am out for about 3 weeks. I am 32 and do not recover so quickly any more.

Do the hockey type pads offer more protection than the Mx chest protectors available right now?

I've done that, hurts doesnt it? i did it with dainese armor on, since then i'm assuming your supposed to try and stay on.

Hell yeah it hurt....this seems like a very common injury amonst the "catching air" crowd. Any advice or avoidance techniques would be appriciated.

Besides don't get crossed up and don't crash!!!

Dont do it anymore :)

I have a deal with my Wife, As long as I dont get hurt, I can ride. The fine print there is "As Long as I dont get hurt Doing Somthing real Stupid" I can ride.

I am 45, have had 3 major Back Surguries, One Wrist Rebuild and coutless other acts of Violence to my body. I hurt all over, but I still love to ride, I can not tell you how tempting it is to fly.

I restrain myself each time I ride, by saying these exact words to myslef when tepmtation hits



So I plunk it into 5th and Cowtrailing I go...

Of Course as Fast as I possibly Can :D

Bottom line, I refuse to do the things that would possible cause me the worse injury, Clearing 100 foot Table tops is one :D

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I think once you reach a certain age you have to realize you have responsibilities that are more important then motorcycles. I don't race MX much anymore because of all the jumps. 99 times out of 100 I'll make that big double but that 1 time I don't hurts. So I slow down a bit and still enjoy myself. Or I could become a fat, abusive, beer swilling Mini-Dad and live vicariously through my kids.


Hehehe Me two. Although I am a recovering Alchy Beers out of the question, so I can only dream

Dang :)

Soapbox mode on:

Riding is dangerous. Low speed crashes due to ruts can break shoulder blades. Ribs like to pull away from the vertebra when you low side or high side in a turn. It's all a matter of how often you tempt fate.

Ride like there is another tomorrow and you may get to ride another day. The only people who should risk their paycheck due to big air injuries are the professional riders.

Beezer's wisdom should be heeded, most of us have responsibilities to our family and employer. The rest are the lucky ones.

Have fun, Ride responsibly.

Soapbox mode off :):D:D

As far as the 4-wheels goes... I actually feel quads are a lot more dangerous to jump. On a bike, if you crash, 90% of the time you just fall off and slide. On a quad, it has the nasty tendency to follow you as you slide, run you over, and start flipping.

I used to ride quads and recently got back on one, jumped it, and crashed. It proceded to flip about 3 times and land on me. D'OH!

I can say I'll never buy another quad :)

I have focused on jumping as my specialty out here in the dunes. I can deal with the injuries, just like the rest of you can, I feel it is worth the pain.

You know how it is when you wake up with a really bad hangover and swear to never drink again, well when I was laying there in the fetal position under my bike, I never once thought of giving up riding.

It seems my soon to be wife has a different opinion, all the sudden I "need to grow up". I will take your good advise and back off....some what.

My quad riding brother suggested I go to 4 wheels.....he is a funny guy!!!

SMP if your out dune jumping, you need a CR500. YA YA YA, I know I'll get flamed for this but so what, Ive got skin that makes an alligator look like brittney spears. So just save it.

I dont even bother with the YZ in the sand. Pull the trigger a couple times on that open class two stroke, and it makes you appreciate real power. Any way, my point is, jumping the CR500 dune to dune is easier than throwing that thumper up and out there. Personally at 40 years old, I dont do it anymore, but I'll take a shot at some of the flatter topped dunes by the ranger station at Glamis, those are fun, and they'r only about 75-80 feet accross with no penalty for early set down, unless ya land with the gas off. No dead stick landings in Glamis. Ya stick like a lawn dart!


I ride on MX tracks every once in a while. I used to own a WR500 (2stroke that was ported and polished) that would run with the CR500's, but did not have the suspension to handle the big jumps.

I will never buy another 2 stroke. I watched 2 guys with CR500's kick the hell out of them to get them started, which made the starting routine on my 426 look easy.

I have a friend that dated a girl that had a cousin that picked up a hooker that got busted by a cop that had a father-in-law that knew a guy that owned a motorcycle shop(pretty good huh EGO?) and he said those Dang 4wheelers actually come stock with a HUMAN MAGNET!

Those things will HUNT you down like a red-headed stepchild and whoop your Butt 3 or 4 times before you get away from it when you crash one!

Those things are as dangerous as Desert racing!

UMMMM I mean they are as dangerous as WOMEN??!!! :)

there a drill to starting the Cr500 too. Ya just gentley push it past the first bump, then kick it. Starts pretty easy then. I know what you mean about the suspension though. Nuthin but nuthin goes through the sand like a CR500 though.

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