WR450F For The Old Guys??

Ok Guys, I'm brand new just registered. Currently riding B-Senior class on a KTM 25OEXC. Road an enduro 3-weeks ago and was tied for 1st in class at lunch. Started off on my minute and fouled a freakin' plug. Time for the European crap to go. Strongly considering the WR450. I've never owned a 4-stroke and I'm concerned about the following:

1) At age 48 (I told you I'm an old guy) I'm concerned about all this power being managable. Comments?

2) How are the ergos for tall guys. I'm 6'4" and the KTM fits me like a glove with the tall seat. Tall guys out there..comments?

3) How stable is the bike? The KTM tracks straight as an arrow.

4) What is the preferred suspension shop to set up for rocks and sand for Pa & Jersey enduros. Assuming the stock stuff is crap.

I guess I'm sending this out to anyone who has come off a KTM and I need to know what to expect. Also, any feedback on bikes bought from Cycle brokers in Canada?

Thanks Guys!

I like my WR450 but its a pile in the woods. Most of the woods rats around here run 250's, 4 stroke and 2 stroke. The WR450 is a tall and heavy bike, I'm 6-1 and it can get away from you in the tight woods. The woods around here are very tight and I never get out of 2nd gear.

I wouldn't mind a 300 KTM for the woods or a KDX220.

If you're spending much time in the trees, definitely borrow someone's WR and test it out. Maybe it's just me, but I have to work my butt off in tight trees. Every where else I'm very happy with the bike.

I bought my WR from motorcycle-brokers. Great price and quick delivery. I don't think you can use the 30 day warranty though. I never had any problems, so I'm not sure.

I race the WR450F I think it handles as good as the Baby thumper ,but and this is a big one , you need some muscle to really ride it hard. On big open tracks its the one to beat ,put it in woods ,get really for CPR if your not in shape. The 450 will out weight the KTM by 20 lbs and most of that weight is up high . Don't get me wrong the 450 is the best motor I've twisted the throttle on . And Get this I'm fify one years fast and 5'-6" tall and ride expert.

The WR450 is awesome everywhere but tight woods. I dont enjoy tight woods so the bike is perfect for me. But it is to slow turning hard left/ hard right through tight spaces. It feels like a dump truck going through the woods. :thumbsup:

I don't think the WR is bad in tight stuff, you just have to get used to the slight topheaviness and be willing to push the bike a bit. the suspension needs work to make the bike handle right. The rear spring is not well match to the forks. the valving could be opened up a bit for woods work too. Overall it is a decent bike. If I were to buy a bike today it would be a Husky 450 or 510 if I had a dealer close. I hear nothing but good things about the TEs.

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