Cylinder Head Breather Hose

Just curious if I should be worried?

After riding my bike the other day for most of the day, I put it in the truck and noticed that the frame below where the left footpeg attaches had something wet on it.

I figured it was coming from the breather hose which attaches to the cylinder head. The amount of liquid which I assume is gas was not excessive but seemed to be a little more than I have previously seen and more than my friend's brand new 02.

Just curious whether I should be worried if my breather hose is now a seaper hose?

Any thoughts?

Totally normal, this is the oil being beatup like egg whites, with some condensation mixed in.

I am assuming there was some drips below the bike as well?

BTW there are plenty of posts regarding this, do a search if you are still wondering

[ June 16, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

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