oil change 02 426

I just changed my oil for the first time. After I put in 1.48 quarts of oil I checked my oil and did not get a reading - Any suggestions

check with motor warmed up... very important!!

the first time i changed mine i got the same reading... so i kept filling till i got a reading... big mistake!! over filled it.. after a few laps on the track, i came in and checked level.. well, oil was all the way to top of dip stick!! so warm engine up for a few minutes then check...should be perfect...

good luck

Originally posted by Dirt dont Hurt:

[qb]Read the manual. I've made the mistake in the past of just doing what I'm used to, only to find out that things jave changed quite a bit over the years. It's all in the book.

Dude, i was going to drag out this post and go through the whole oil procedure, but reading the manual is the best solution, and really is a must with the 426, if you dont pay attention to some small details it could get expensive.

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