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Regulator rectifier issues

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I picked up a Honda foreman 400 4x4 for my wife and cant for the life of me get it running. It's got good spark, compression, it's getting fuel, mechanical timing is good but it wont fire over it just stumbles like it wants to start. Today after messing with it some more I found something interesting, when I remove the regulator/rectifier the bike fires up and idles beautifully, I know I can not operate the bike like this but cant for the life of me understand why it runs with rectifier removed but wont when installed. I'm assuming its the culprit or is it possible it's just a symptom and something else is suspect. It doesnt appear to be oem, looks like it's made of chineasium previous owner possibly bought an ebay on or something. Any ideas

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R/R should not affect running at all. It is only supposed to take power generated by the stator, regulate it and covert it to DC to charge the battery. So... if disconnecting it enables the machine to run, either there is a wiring error from the stator (where it plugs into the CDI)  or an internal short in the stator. Following that, if all the stator wires are correct (assuming an OEM stator and not a wonky Chinese ebay aftermarket special) then the stator is bad. The service manual should give specs regard ohm readings and what color wire should be at what position in the plugs.

Stators output current for charging and current to control the CDI along with a crank position sensor to fire the plug.

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