Got ZipTy Link ?

I wonder if any one has coments on Ty's billet rear link? I've been exposed to switching links on Honda 250Rs with a CR500. The ad for the link says the late model to 01' rear shock only works through the frist 3/4 of it's stroke. Has anyone made this mod? What about the stock link from an 02' will that work the same? The ad claims that the 02-03'stock shock work all the way through the stroke. If thats the case my 01'YZ426 may need a link before I look into getting the shocks reworked.

Yeah I have one.

First off the 02 setup uses the "one wrench" bolts to remove all the linkage and swingarm bolts. I do know that the 02 shock is also 5mm longer to go along with the new linkage, swingarm and bolt sizes (the swingarm pivot is 18 vs the previous 17mm).

So will an 02 link work? probably, but I am not for sure. you would be best to have the longer 02+ shock also.

Back to the ZipTy Magic link. To bad they dont make it in BLUE annodized! Damn! Simple 10 minute install. it is harder to get a few bolts in because of the revised shape of the link. So take your time there. Once done, it feels like the rear is about 1 foot above the front end of the bike. I dialed the sag back to 90-100mm like it was before and the shock was super harsh. But the bike did corner like a 250 and I could hang inside a friends kx125 in the corners. So I was impressed there! Stablity is good, but at speed you can wag the bars to get headshake. But when you stop messing with the bars, no headshake at any speed.

So what I ended up doing is calling up ZTR and talking to Ty. He said there is to many variables, and there is no setup they recommend with the link.

Ultimately after a few weeks of tinkering, I got the rear PERFECT! I set the sag an extra 5-10mm. That got a lot of the plushness back into the shock (so closer to 105-110 sag). Highspeed compression (the large nut) out (counter clockwise) 1/8-1/4 turn from stock. Compression is like 6 in from full out and then let the rebound out (soften) 2 - 4 clicks.

Now the rear is plush like before and the bike corners like a smaller bike. stability is good. I get dealer cost on the unit and still have the stocker just in case, but once it is setup it is a keeper!

Post back if you have any questions or want specifics.

Sorry I haven't had time to check up on the post. I really think that the type of ridding I do the link could be the answer. I mostly woods ride harescramble stuff with very little track time. Whats your cost for the unit? I like a soft feel with plenty of G-out ablity and felt the stocker to be real springy off the bottom. I always though it was because of my size and weight. I'll be back on monday to get back with you thanks for the reply. :thumbsup: Have a good weekend. :awww: I'm riding with new cams and tires and can't wait to go rip!

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