For sale 2001 426!!

Nice bike only raced twice!!Carbon fiber rame gaurds, one industries gradhics,renthals everything else is stock. Bike might have 200 hours on it. I will try to post a pic later. $6200 Canadian

How much is that in US $ 200 hours is a lot. How have you maintained it? How far are you from Vancouver? Can you send me a picture to Thanks

I think it works out to 3720 US.Not sure if the bike has 200 hours on it that was just a guess. I rode it all last season. Its the first bike I,ve owned so it was never ridden very hard, most of the time I was scared to gas it. Oil was changed after every ride,if not every second ride. Air filter was cleaned after every ride and replaced if worn. Brand new fork seals installed by dealler have one moto on them.

Bike comes with spare left rad. and extra plastic no charge. I live about 12 hours from Van. I will get you those pics asap.

Oh ya, I bought a 250f last november and don't ride the 426 so thats why I'm selling it.

How come you went to a 250? I figure I need the 426 to carry my 210 lbs around. I am tempted to look at a 250 though...

I went to the 250 because I wanted race and figued the 125 class would be safer.

I would rather sell the 250f but I would lose to much money.

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