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Since the new YZ450 will be out in August...how is TTalk gonna arrange the new forum for it? Hopefully the YZ400/426/450 will all be on one forum right? And the same for the WR400/426/450? What are yall's thoughts on this, they are still all YZ's and are very similar bikes (98'-03'). Later,


I hope the forum will simply include the 450 with the current format, as you suggest. I am for any size open class Yamaha MX / desert/ offroad YZ being in this forum, and I would think the WR forum would work out the same. :)

[ June 16, 2002: Message edited by: Florida 426 ]

I agree. The forum should be expanded to include the 450, while retaining the 400/426. The soul purpose of TT was to help people and share info. TT's member numbers is still growing and the knowledge that has been acquired w/ the 400/426 people i think is the foundation for the forum. People are constantly coming on who have stumbled across TT or heard from a friend about TT, and some of these people are picking up used 400/426's. I think it would be a diservice for ALL of us if the 450 had it's own forum. In addition, for those who are not going to step up to te 450 we can easily keep up w/ the on-goings of the new blue beast.

Just my $.02


garret (et al everybody),

we KNOW about needing to add another name in the forum if not a seperate one all together.

bryan and steve will address this in the near future.

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