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KTM 50 mini

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Hey all.

 My eldest son has just got keen into moto. He is 6 has had a ttr50 for the past 12 months or so. Recently my brother has a left a used KTM50 mini at our place and he is mad keen on it. I want to buy one rather than use this one because if he rides this one and wrecks it or really likes it ill have to replace or buy one anyhow.

My questions are in the mini range what are the signifigant model changes and years. Mini, mini adventurer, air cooled, water cooled, disc brakes, shockies etc...? Basically im just after a timeline on the 50 mini.

Is there a throttle stop screw arrangement available like on the ttr or crf?

Also when i do get one for him, is there a good source for parts and service manuals and?

Im thinking at this stage i might try and get an older air cooled one which is hopefully a bit tamer and not as expensive to buy or repair.


Thanks Heaps.

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I had a 2006 air cooled mini adventure as the second bike for my boy. He started out on a PW50 at age 5 and got the mini adventure at age 6.

My boy is fairly small for his age. Something to look into depending on how big and tall your boy is.

You can find any part you’ll need for the mini adventure. I bought parts from Rocky Mountain ATV or Amazon usually. I replaced the stock clutch with a Tomar clutch. Highly recommended if you get an older ktm. The clutches are the weak link on the older 50’s.

The newer (2017 and newer) SX and SX Mini’s definitely are more reliable then the older models.

Here’s a picture of my boy at age 6 on the mini adventure.


Here’s him on a lowered SX 50 for comparison.

You can also see a SX mini in the background (number 618). Its a lot lower then the SX. I’m not sure which is smaller out of a SX Mini or Mini Adventure.




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