Torn between WR450F vs.WR250f

depends on teh conditions you normally ride in, i have a wr250f and my dad has a wr450f, in hte damp conditions we ride the 250 is faster because the 450 has to much power and breaks traction easy, if that is your riding style then go for it but you sound like a reasonably small bloke and that wont help the tire bite into the brown stuff. hope this helps.

If you ride in tight woods with trees across the trail and have to dut your bars down to fit on the trail, get the 250.

If it is any more open than that get the 450 and enjoy the power.

I have raced both of these bikes 250f for the tight stuff and the the big bore for the more open tracks. I think the big bore just takes a little more muscle to perform well. As to the 250F You gotta keep it pegged to compete against a big bore or 250 2smoke. And the winner is the thrill of whatever flips your dress up.

I absolutely love my WR450, but for racing tight woods the lighter, less powerfull bikes have a big advantage. I've decided I need a second smaller, lighter ride for local enduros and hare scrambles. For trail riding, DS events or any type of racing that's more open, you can't beat the 450. I ran a HS a few weeks ago that had a long grass track section and was passing 250's like they were sitting still. After the race, checked my Panoram computer and saw a max speed of 81 MPH! You'll never get that kind of thrill on a 250. Good luck :thumbsup:

Well because of this thread I bought a big one. I happened to come across a sweet deal on a 2002 WR426 and so far am completely happy. I haven't been on any hard runs but what I have done. WOW. It seems narly but I think I could tame her after a few rides. To everyone who helped me out. Right on. :thumbsup:

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