Cleaning mistake

My friend suggested this degreaser in a purple spray bottle called "Castrol Super Clean", so since I was out of Simple Green, I went ahead and tried his. Well after it stained all of the aluminum on my bike (kinda white like hard water), I read the bottle and it said avoid prolonged contact with aluminum.

I am pretty sure I can polish out most of it, but my question to clean the upper fork tubes? They are not a smooth surface and polish does not look like it will work.

Great question. I did the same thing a few weeks back. The 'whitish' color has faded, but not sure what to use either.

That stuff is down right caustic!!It has removed the anodizing on your fork tubes.I know I did the same thing a few years back,the damage is done sorry man!!! That really sucks. :D:)

steel wool and wd-40, scrub WITH the ridges

I use Maguires aluminum rim cleaner for everything else aluminum on my bike, it works great. I have to admit though I have never sprayed it on my forks but like I said works good on all other aluminum on the bike should work for that too.

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