Suspension - 86 XL600R vs 86 XR600?

Anyone here know what the differences/similarities are between the two, both front and rear? Is it just spring rates & valving? Is the shock rebuildable? Just trying to plumb the depths of the infinite knowledge here.

Thanks in advance.

I put together a couple of 1986 XL600s from Ebay parts. I ended up with a front end from a 1987 XR600. The forks are quite a bit larger diameter and noticeably longer than the 1986 XL600. I don't know if the 1986 XR has the larger forks, as there were some changes in 1987, but I wouldn't bet on the XR forks fitting in the XL clamps.

On a good note, the triple clamps fit onto the XL frame just fine, and the XR forks ride much better, they are just sticking out about an inch from the top of the clamps.

Thanks for the info - I figured someone would know!!

Appreciate it.

The XL had 39mm forks with about 9" travel.The shock/swingarm set-up had about 8".The shock is not rebuildable.

The XR had 43mm forks with 11+" travel.Rear travel about the same.The shock is rebuildable.The swingarms are different.Hope that helps !

Any info is good info!! Thanks.

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