chain rattling?

does anyone here experience a ratteling noise fromt he front sprocket area under hard acceleration from an idle when in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th gear? it only lasts untill the engine is up to about 4500rpms or so, and im pretty sure its the chain ratteling ont he fornt sprocket due to the engines "every other" firing pattern. anyone have any comments to add to this? my friends 250f does the same thing pretty much. just wanted to see what some more experienced yzf pilots had to say.

Check this out: Many people have had this problem and it solved it. Every time a YZ comes into the shop for service where I work, I always notice the chain slap during the test ride. The problem is that the chain slider isnt fastened down enough and it slaps the swingarm. Later,


hey motoman, thanks alot, ill try that out and see if it helps. I heard the chain sliders wear prematurely, but i wasnt aware of the problem you just showed me. It doesnt sound like that would be the problem in my case, but its def. worth a shot, thanks again.


Could be a little "TO" loose on the chain tension.... I know were are to run a bit loose, and have on mine since I've owned it. But, a little extra tension on my chain got rid of the worst clatter..... still makes noise though.....

Dodger :D:)

Vanilla Ive got a six pack of your favorite barley pop if what your hearing isnt chain slap. If your chain slider isnt too bad, take it off and glue it to the swing arm with GOOP. You can get GOOP at Home Depot or AutoZone. The Auto and Marine stuff is the same. I did this and it took 90% of noise out of the chain slap. If your chain slider is tanked, get a TM design works piece. It pricey but you'll probably never wear it out. I bonded mine down with Goop and its quiet as a mouse.


I was about to post a question about sliders myself. I have gone through several, the latest was made by UFO and it SUX. Doesn't fit well and is wearing fast. I can't remember where I got the last 2 sliders (Moose?), but they lasted quite a while for about half of what the stocker costs. I'm not familiar with the TM slider. Is there a website for them??

Also, I don't notice much noise from my chain (o-ring), but I have noticed that the most wear on the slider is on the front bottom of the swingarm. It will rub a hole there and start eating at the swingarm before it will anywhere else and it's hard to spot. That could be noisy! Good idea about the goop. Any other aftermarket sliders?

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