Fuel petcok(sp?) on 02 wr426f a problem?

Recently I have been riding my bike and noticing that it seems to cut out at full throttle way before the rev limiter. When I first bought the bike it ran great and lately I have been getting annoyed at the problem. I have tried different main jets(larger and smaller) new air filter , spark plug, but I still get the same result...Poor response at WOT. So today I am out riding again after changing the jet again and still having the same problem. I am sitting on top of a mountain pulling my hair out when I look down at my little clear fuel filter which is empty. I think hmmm... "why is that empty"...so I check the petcok and it is in the proper position (not reserver and not off). So I tap the filter and it slowly fills up. Then I start up the bike and look down at it and rev it up a bit it uses all the fuel. It runs well at a low idle but crack the throttle wide open and it sputters and spits like its not getting enough fuel and the fuel filter is devoid of fuel until I let off the throttle and then it fills up. I am thinking to myself "could it be the Petcok?". So I change the position of the petcok to reserve and the filter fills up immediately and BAM I no longer have the sputtering spitting lean condition I had before and I once again had a smile on my face. :awww::thumbsup:. So has anyone experienced a fuel petcok problem on their bike similar to this?

Mine has not had any problems. Sounds like the screen may be plugged. Drain the fuel from the tank, remove the petcock and inspect and clean. Hopefully that'll solve the problem.

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