How do you keep your GYT-R exhaust insert in the exhaust?

I have a GYT-R insert in my exhaust and the screw keeps falling out and out goes my insert. Well I am getting pretty annoyed. I don't want to ride without it because it is too loud and like an idot the first time it happened I just picked it up and burnt the living crap out of my gloves and thumb and index finger. DUHHHHH!! So anyway what do you do short of welding it in place to keep it in the exhaust canister? thanks in advance.

I got a socket head bolt the same size and drilled a hole through it. Installed new bolt and safety wired it in place. Have not had any problems with it falling out after that.

Put locktite on the bolt that holds it in. I use blue locktite for everything---red locktite says you need special tools or heat(torch)to remove it so I tend to stay away from the red.

I just tighten mine down real good... never had a problem. If it did fall out though, I would use Loctite..

I had to heli coil mine because the aluminum threads couldnt take the stress. Loctite seems to work only for a short time if you ride alot. I have put a large hose clamp around the pipe to hold the bolt in, not pretty but no more problems. Also Hi temp rtv around the outside of the insert helps also. Good luck.

My GYT R insert blew out last summer on a ride and one of my riding buddies had a longer bolt and a couple of nuts, so we ran the bolt all the way through and double nutted it.

A couple of weeks ago I decided that maybe that huge growth inside the pipe may be restrictive so I drilled another hole across from the original and tapped them both to 1/4-20, put lock washers on them and had no problems. We will see how long that lasts.


Hmmmm? I have over 500 miles on my baffle and never a problem. I remove mine for every wash too. I guess I am lucky.


Actually I did the safety wire fix from the get go because I had heard of people having the problem but I've never experienced it myself. Just figured I'd take a little precaution.

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