Oxtar TCX Pro Boots - First ride

Just tried out my new Oxtar TCX Pro's the other day and thought I would give a review. I am a cheap bast**d and have never worn Alpine Tech series or comparable so my only comparison is to my old Thors and Axo MX-1s. I love the boots and the support they offer (especially to my previously broken ankle). I find my feet and calves are less fatigued as the boots are doing most of the support work now.

When I first tried them on I was afraid I bought too small but after an hour or so around the house, they were better and after a 1-2 hour riding session they felt just fine. Took a little getting used to not feeling the brake and shifter as well as my old ones, but by day's end I more or less had it down. Just my 2 pennies worth.

They get better with age. I have been wearing them for awhile. I am on my second pair. The squeeking doesnt go away but they are the most comforatble boots I've ever owned and they hold up alot better than Tech8's

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