TT Needs Input...

Do we need to add a special forum for the new 450 or is it similar enough to the 400/426 to lump it in with you guys?

Let me know ASAP since I'm making a decision this week.



I would say lump it in with the rest of the bikes here to keep it simple. We can still all share the info no matter the year of our YZF's!

yz400/yz426/yz450 looks good to me and I am sure it will be an even better forum for it.

The 400's are in with the 426's so why not keep the 450 with them too? Although it is changed a lot it is still the same bike, just with a different displacement.

Keep them together...the info shared between the bikes is great.

Leave it together!!

maybe you could separate those who prefer the new four speed gearbox...?

only kidding.....leave it as it is - makes sense

I say keep the brothers together

But open a 4-speed forum just to alienate the 5-speeders.


Keep it together.

is there an echo in here...?

keep the yz's all in one forum and the wr's all in one forum.

No No No No No No No No

Echo echo echo echo echo

here here here here here

[ June 17, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

We'll always be together.....together.....together :)

Sorry, went off on a bit of a singing thing there :D

Add it to the 426 forum.

Good lord, coooommmmm bayyy yaaaaaa mmmmuuuuh lord ccoooom baayyyyy yaaaaa

The togetherness here just makes me all misty :):D

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