free mods

any one know of any free mods i could do to my yz450?anything that you all come up with would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

not sure if you read it on here or not but a lot of guys take the tps off.. all you have to do is unplug it and i guess you get about 2 hp out of it and it smooths out that glitch in the power band. if you look back a few posts there is one on it. havent done it to mine yet cuz the damn things been in the shop since the day i got it.

thanks ill check back a little ways and see if it'll help me at all.

It will help. FFR started the posts about it, he even has dyno runs. Tim Ferry never ran one when he was riding the 426. Probably not on the 450 either. Unplug it, if you dont like the results, plug it back in! No harm done and it will take no tools and about 15 seconds.

try the good 'ol BK carb mod to help throttle response. It works like a charm. It may cost you 3$ to do this mod but thats not much. Also, to help keep your filter cleaner, longer, try cutting out some foam from bulk filter foam to make an airbox "cover" to fit under your seat. this pre-filter robs no power due to restriction in flow, and cuts your air cleaner replacements in half. By the way, removing the TPS seemed to cause a delay in response on my modified 426.

The BK/GB mod is not necessary on a 450!

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