go USA go, sorry mexico - mondial 2002

well done america. so u r good in football also guys - well done.

yep another one of those SHOCK results that this world cup will be remembered for

even more of a shock if England beat the Brazilians

Must remember to call it 'soccer' when addressing our American friends... :)

The big shock will be when USA beats Germany. :)

i think england will have the edge having watched the brazil game today

and id also put money on usa vs germany at the moment aswell

[ June 17, 2002: Message edited by: Mark_UK ]

Anyone watch the Yankee's Met's series?

Of course I watched Clemens get thrown at, that was classic.

Of course I watched Mo Vaughn take Wells yard last night. He has like a .490 against Wells.

Baseball is boring. Even fat guys can play baseball.

American Football & NBA are real sports.

Baseball; YAWN! Soccer; OH YEAH! USA, hopefully their just getting started. Did you see the game between Ireland & Spain. Nail-biter. After 90 mins. of regulation, 2 15 min. sudden death halfs & a penaltykick shootout, I could finally breath. Unfortunately the green and white lost. But, the red white and blue goes on!


Ps. Watchout for Bobby Convey, He'll be Playing next time out. 17 year old boy wonder. He is playing jr ball now, waste of talent, should be in japan now. Local boy from the hood, YO PHILLY!







I can see how baseball would be boring if you never played it. Beings as I used to play I understand there is a "game behind the game". Such as the intricacies involved with the pitcher and hitter. I love the strategy that goes into getting a great hitter out on strikes.

Nothing like good ole' NFL though, now theres my favorite sport.

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