Rear suspension not working smoothly

Alright, I screwed up. The last time I washed my bike (2000 YZ426) I was in a hurry and out of WD40, so it didn't get it's usual lubricant bath when I was done :thumbsup:

The bike has been in the trailer for about 2 weeks (thanks to all the rain here in Ohio! :awww: ) and when I wheeled it out yesterday to install the Rekluse (YES! more to follow), the rear suspension was virtually frozen! Basically, when I sit on it, it doesn't return to position. I haven't gone through the linkage or swingarm pivots (I just bought the bike in March) yet, but this seemed to happen all of the sudden. When I washed it last, it was with a garden hose, so no high pressure grease removal.

Any ideas? Should I just pull the rear end apart and start rebuilding the linkage and swingarm pivots?



take it all apart, wash it out, do the bearings, clean everything (swing arm bolt, axle bolt)...everything. grease the heck out of it and enjoy!

Vet28 :thumbsup:

After looking at the cost of the rebuild kits, I think that is the route I will take first. If there is any major damage, that's when I will spend the money.



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