Real Intresting from the state of Calif

Hey all, just scolling through the OHV web site here in Calif. I found this link NEW REPORT SHOWS HUGE INCREASE IN OFF-ROAD RECREATION

an intresting part

· Encourage and Expand Stakeholder Involvement.

One of the most nationally innovative approaches of its kind in dealing with increasingly controversial off-highway recreation issues was the formation in May 2000 of the more than 50-member Stakeholders Roundtable.

The stakeholders involved in off-highway recreation are diverse. In general, they consist of OHV and non-motorized recreation enthusiasts, environmental organizations, private property owners, public land management agencies, law enforcement agencies, local communities, businesses, and local governments.

Wonder how JOhn Q Public can get involved....

My Opinion

I think, that the fight to get and keep existing lands open, starts with us. The Enviro Nazi's have an agenda, DO WE? Are we ready to put up or shutup, the article stipulates one clear point, the more riders = less land, its not that land is being taken away it is in small increments but, its the poulation of newer riders each year that cramp the areas we do have.

I thnk the article is a good read

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something that has always puzled me,,,, considering the californian concerns with polution ,,,hence the demise of the two stroke,

why does everyone run vehicles with such big engines? with poor fuel consumption

i know fuel cost has something to do with it.

but it all seems a bit back to front

Well Mark, if you had ever been to California, or looked at it on a map, you would see that its a huge place. Roughly 75% or better of the size of mother England. And we have only been here for basically 180 years, as opposed to close to 2000 for your country. So my point it, things are spread out pretty good. There are hundreds of miles of barren desert between major citys here. Ya need a big engine.

Also, the contingent that screams about pollution is a deafening less than one percent of the public. Eco-nazis are just reallly loud. The air in the Los angeles- Metro basin is cleaner now than it was in the 1960's with a population thats roughly double what it was. With the Eco-nazis, it's "if they give an inch, take a mile, and rape the women, kill thier children". These people are Nazi's. Dont be fooled.

Originally posted by Mark_UK:

something that has always puzled me,,,, considering the californian concerns with polution ,,,hence the demise of the two stroke,

(The polution story is just the stick the greenies are using to shut us out!)

why does everyone run vehicles with such big engines? with poor fuel consumption

(Not everyone as they would have you believe. Without going into the big difference in driving conditions, distances ect.ect.. Most basic of factors..Because We can!)

i know fuel cost has something to do with it.

but it all seems a bit back to front

(Supply and demand, also the more you make and use the less cost involved in production)


well im not sure about the supply and demand thing

but in the uk our tax on fuel is in the region of 90% so imagine buying 10pence of fuel and having to pay the govenment 90pence to use it!

also the thing about wide open sapces need a big engine,,, i was in california in November and know its a big place.

but having said that i run an Audi with a 1.9litre turbo diesel engine.

which will probably sit all day at hmmm 140mph+

also it averages between 55 - 60 miles per gallon.

im not critisizing,,, just was interested in how come the motorists have escaped the attention of the eco squad

On a side note, I dont believe that the Eco-Nazi's care that much about the Eco really. Its more about the limiting the act of off roading than anything else, along with the potential money grab with proposed taxes and regs, like catalytic converters on every engine used in the USA.

Personally I thing we should petition the gov to open up all the lands that have already been closed. We need to go on the offencive. Get the ultra loud minority on their heels. There is way more of us than there is of them. Collectively we can crush the land closure movement and get thing opened back up. Also, we should start filing lawsuits like crazy. If we occupy them with having to defend the current closures, they wont be able to focus on new closures. Like I said, crush them. Like a milk weed flyin off the paddle of my CR500 :)

Originally posted by Mark_UK:

why does everyone run vehicles with such big engines? with poor fuel consumption

I can only own so many vehicles, so I have to drive vehicles that suit all of my needs. so I have a full size pickup to go dirtbiking and tow my boat (also a big-block V8) to the lake. I also use this to commute. It would be nice to have a small car for my daily driving, but keeping a whole other vehicle just isn't worth it.

My wife drives a midsize SUV that doubles as our family 'car', and I have my El Camino to paint long dark arcs on the street :D

Another perspective is:

What the hell else are you gonna drive? If it isn't a rear wheel drive 8 cylinder it's probably a chick car or eco-nazi rig :)

Worship the Petroleum God

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Actually the truth is:

The British government in its infinite wisdom, way back when, decided to not allow the commoner the privilege of owning such machines, so as socialist governments go.

They past laws way back when to restrict the size and hp of motorCARS. This was due primarily because of WWII, with Britain in ruins, and GAS, Food and other items very much needed, Britain decided to pass laws forbidden the big car, fuel consuming, echo terorist machines.

Ya see the Brits are ahead of there times, where do you think the Echo Nazi's get the dribble from, Hummmm TONY BLAIR, the dope smoking Socialist from Ya You guessed it Clintons Era!!


So we in AMERICA, have the privaledge of driving gas sucking, air polluting, Europe starving gas impowered SUV's. A priveledge in a democracy soon to be socialst State Calif

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I have a gas guzzlin'Tahoe, well, actually it's my wifes until I go riding then she takes my car. The reason I bought the huge thing is because before my son was born, he'll be 2 this month, we had a small car and NEEDED something bigger. It's probably just me but there was a string of accidents in my area that got my attention. It seems everyone loves the big SUV's now, and in these auto accidents the SUV occupants walked away, and the small vehicle passengers died or were severyly injured. So, being a new daddy, I decided to put my son and wife in something more protective than a Honda Civic.

Why do I drive a 7500 lb. 4 wheel drive truck, and a v-8 powered convertible? Well to quote a very great man, a comedian, and song writer-poet, Dennis Leary:

"Because Im an &%$#@!!" :)

Ya just gotta love that song!

I did some research on this SUV, Big Huge gas guzzling smog inducing hype in these posts.

Then I went to the Dr Ruth Web Site,

If I get the Midget Right in her rants

We get these SUV, Big Huge gas guzzling smog inducing vehicles, becouse its a man thing and has to do with "SIZE" :D

So now ya know why the Brits dont have anything bigger then a Mini-Cooper :)


Talk at ya all in 10 days Me on Vacation. Disney, Universal, Glen Helen YROC :D , and San Diego Zoo.


Probably due to penis size or lack of LOL! We as a nation dont notice the rest of the world, we are too young. All of our knowledge in the 200+ years we have been around hasnt allowed us to see the extent of the damage we can do. Some people never get out of their pristine areas to notice the damage. I lived in Malta in the late 60s, gas was about 2.40 a gallon U.S. then. Cars were small and reasonably efficient. BTW some were even fast. Quit bashing the tree huggers. Are you mad because they got organized? I personally am not limited to one sport. I do appreciate the opportunity to hike a trail with no motorcycles, bicycles or horses at times if the area is worthy of protection (not always). I also like to ride my motorcycle on tracks and trails. I notice most of the complaining is from areas that have huge public lands.Come to Texas, the 2nd largest state in the country and ranks 48th or 49th in public lands. We have very little to ride unless you PAY! While I am venting, That CRAP about pollution being less than in 1960 SO WHAT they did nothing to clean anything in the air or water. Do you just throw your drained oil in a little harmless hole in the backyard Bubba? I just kick the beehive with this one and I am getting the holeshot! :)

Sorry guys its all about the money.

Here in Northern California the so called "ECO NAZI's" buy land with money donated by say Robert Redford, or other entertainers. Or they get tax money from so called clean air and water bonds.

Now that they have a pile of cash they go to Farmer Brown and offer him way more than his land is worth...but he has lots of water. So now the land can be bought back for say 100 times its worth, not a good investment so nobody will buy it. Its now locked up. Not even farmer brown will buy it because now he is retired. But wait theres water, lots of water, so they sell it and send it to southern California.

The proceeds from the water sales funds the not for profit organization that can afford to pay their executives 6 figure salries. Also the NPO, can purchase a few polititians.

So there you have it. When you factor in all these players in the deal, protecting the environment, and your right to ride all become non-issues. Its all about getting the money in their pockets. From the polititans to the ECO NAZI's to the farmers.

If protecting the environment wasn't profitable nobody would be concerned.

Just my opinion. From what I see here in California.

Fastfrank dont start believing the B/S that the left wing psycopaths are saying about all this Global warming babble. The world report that eludes to global warming doesnt even say that global warming exists. Out of 17000 scientists that took part in the study, 170 said there is a possibility of global warming, but even they say arent sure. 15000 of the scientists said the whole idea is preposterous.

The idea that someone can tell me what the temperature of the earth is going to be in 30 years with any accuracy at all, and then not be able to accuratley tell me what the temperature next week is ridiculous in itself.

Its a scare tactic at best. The sky is falling the sky is falling. The whole lot of them are a bunch of chicken littles running around freaking out non-thinking people. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them.

you still be da man ego heheh...

Anyway, you can't compare CA to the rest of the USA. I hear you can't even have an outdoor barbeque out there at certain times. It seems like a great place to be if it weren't for all the rules and regs. All the manufacturers seem to build machines that are CA legal at the expense of the rest of us. And I don't really think the rest of the country will follow their lead (?). Here in the midwest the public lands are still public, and everything for the most part works fine...

By the way I am rebuilding a '76 Bronco right now. It will have a big V8, Holley 4 barrel, and headers that run straight into pipes and glass packs. No stinkin smog stuff to slow it down. CA boys come on out, we'll go ride, then you can come over and listen to my loud pipes while I cook us some steaks on the bbq. I might even let you use my 2 stroke lawn boy lawn mower...

(just thought i would help ya out here ego)

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