HELP with my 99 WR400, I've been MIA

Hello fellow thumpertalkers, I have been reading the great information in these forum ever since buying my 99 Wr400...but, then I got married and then spent a year off the bike due to a broken collar bone (always stay on the throttle when jumping a 4-stroke, DOH!) sooo....I come back and my beloved forums look different, I cant find a thing and a search on Taffy's KL mod comes up with NOTHING :awww: Did everyone trade in there WR400's for WR450's leaving all the WR400 mods and how too articles obsolete? :thumbsup:

If anyone has any links for me to finish all those great mods to my 99 WR400 I wanted to do 2 years ago please send em my way.

Thanks guys and gals,


What was this Taffy's KL mod for?

It's the accel-pump mod for the '99's.

If you look in Taffy's gallery there are pictures of it I sent him.


It looks as though Taffy has pulled that website.

Send me a PM with your email and I will send you 3 pictures of the mod.

If you are searching use "taffy mod"

completely different animals:

Taffy (David) Mod >> uses a locking collar on AP rod

KL (Kevin L - me) mod >> uses a set screw under diaphragm

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