I have a 426 and a 660 Craptor and my craptor just stppped moving on me. it will shift into any gear i want and doesnt make any wierd sounds but won't go anywhere.It roll as if it's in neutral in all gears.Can u help diagnose this?

Does your quad have a chain on it?

If not, then I'd suspect that as the problem....


hey ego, could there be a short somewhere between the seat and the handlebars??? :)

real nice response..and for a minute I thought this place would be helpful.Nevermind

Originally posted by LugNut:

real nice response..and for a minute I thought this place would be helpful.Nevermind

Don't let the "regulars" get you down. Just a little hazing... Welcome to TT!


My thoughts... tho not worth much

Problems could range from...

Clutches crapped out

Main drive gear on the output shaft

Gear came loose on back of clutch basket

Stripped gears between Clutch basket and transmission

Start looking on the Clutch side.

Good luck

Is your Raptor a 2001?

I spent 5 minutes on the bluetraxx sites forum and learned that you do not want to buy a 01' Raptor, 2nd a 4th gear problems.

Go spend some time on the forums overthere concerning your Raptor problems, sounds like you will be able to find your problem.

Thank you guys very much for your insight(the ones that tried to help).I too think it's the clutch but anyhow ,if anyone is thinking of getting a 01 raptor...Don't.The trannys are known to fail badly.I'm glad some people have compassion for others and don't get a kick out of others misfortunes,It's bad enuf to have spent over 6 grand on a bike and put 3 grand in modifications only to have the thing go down on me in the first lap of a race...then try to get some advice on the net and have people make jokes about it as if it was something to laugh about.Again thanks for the helpful input.

LugNut, I know that feeling well as many others on this sight do.....please do not take the "Quad Sarcasm" too seriously.....

Sounds like it may have sheared a key somewere

I have to chime in here.

When you post with a topic of "anyone" then ask a quad question you are inviting yourself to get hazed/flamed.

Being indignant about it doesn't help your cause either.

Next time I recommend putting something in the subject line so that people who don't want to read about quads are not fooled into thinking it is a relevant post for this board.

Originally posted by LugNut:

I have a 426 and a 660 Craptor and my craptor just stppped moving on me. it will shift into any gear i want and doesnt make any wierd sounds but won't go anywhere.It roll as if it's in neutral in all gears.Can u help diagnose this?

Pull the oil fill cap. Smell the oil. If it smells burnt, you fried the clutch. If it shifts and you can feel the dogs engage and there isn't any resistance and the oil doesn't smell burnt, you might pull the clutch cover off and see if the clutch turns when you turn the motor over.

Failing all that, it's shop time.


I can take the flaming just don't get the quad vs. bike stuff? It all seems a little childish to me .I do try my best to be cordial when communicating on the computer for the sole reason that the guy on the other end does'nt have the ability to smash me in the face if I started gettin lippy.Always are gonna be those spineless weasels that hide behind their keyboard and talk smack ,lashing out at the world that rejects them ,they usually keep their head down and their tail between their legs when having to have face to face interaction with someone in person.Hence the "virtual tough guy" Even so I do feel that I got some helpful feedback so go ahead and flame away if it makes you feel better .In closing I wish everyone well and I appreciate again all the constuctive advice.

Save the drama for yo' mama!!!! :)

Originally posted by LugNut:

Thanks fastkevin you seem like a real tough guy behind your keyboard.

I haven't met a blue hair, errr I mean golf cart pilot yet that's scared me. Must be something to do with their lack of balance..

What kind of cheese do you like?


Lugnut, just pull the clutch side cover off and check the clutch basket and plates. If your clutch looks good then it most likely is the transmission, and since your year raptors have a history of tranny problems, checking the clutch first would be the obvious thing to do before you pull the engine and split the cases. Try the simple stuff first. If your not mechanically inclined, then take it to your dealer and let them rape you for the labor and parts. I used to race quads and a friend at work has a Raptor also, but no problems on his quad so far. Now, for the hazing. You do come to TT for info on your 426 so you should know that posting a quad question in a bike forum, your going to get harrassed, but none of it is personal, so don't take it that way. Unless they PM you, then it's probably personal, but it's kept out of the group discussion so we don't have to hear about it. Good luck fixing your quad.

Lugnut, quads are for girls and farms. To impress anybody on this site with a quad, youd have to have a scantilly clad woman on it, on a farm. Sorry, its just the way it is. I bought a raptor for hauling the ice chest around. Great farm tool.

Ive heard this story before about the transmissions. A friend of mine bought a 350 Warrior. Pile o'crap. The thing just about killed him twice jumping out of gear during a hil climb. The main problem with quads are they have way too many wheels. 50% to be exact.

Is this something I should try to do myself or take to a dealer?Btw I'm am only moderately good at mechanical work, I don't really have all the right tools .I know this is a site for 2 wheelers but I ride both a 426F and a 660R and have referenced this site for help on my 426 and found it to be a more mechanically inclined bunch rather than Bluetraxx members who spend most of their time polishing stuff and putting stickers on their bikes. Thanks again

if you know what's going on inside of your engine and what does what, then i say go give it a try yourself. it is VERY gratifying to know that you fixed something that was broke and now it works fine, plus its alot cheaper. and besides if you do screw up, you can always take it to the dealer and have them finish it up

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